Alan Geoghegan's International Biography
Warsaw, Poland
Vigan, Philippines
Illocos Sur, Philippines



Videographer, video editor, writer & researcher/producer on a number of video & media projects worldwide, living in New York, Manila, Brussels & South Carolina. My work has enabled me to explore and research a number of global issues many in the southern hemisphere, supporting many non profit, private and international initiatives with cost-effective, informative & visually compelling media, video & web-related services.

I relocated from the Philippines via New York after 4-6 years of video projects & travels in the Philippines settling in Columbia, South Carolina in 1997, working for Mediassociates for 3 years (a video production & web-development company) and forming Medianetwork in 2000, providing video post-production and web-consulting. During this period, I was elected President of the Filipino-American Association of Columbia, South Carolina serving 2 elected-terms from 2005-2009. In addition to video production, I have hosted/designed/consulted on about 20+ web-sites mainly for artistic and institutional promotion.

I have traveled and worked in all continents of the world except Australia, sharing and blogging about these experiences on my Taravision site Ad-free since 1998, and I am a practitioner of the Japanese-originated holistic art of true light, Sukyo Mahikari, since 1991.

In 2019 I formed Plum Tree Circle LLC as a venture for all my non-profit media and video projects, including an upcoming documentary about the Mayans of Yucatan, Mexico.


"The Jewel of the Congaree - Art & Industry in South Carolina" (video editor) for the Calhoun County Museum, SC. Directed by Frost Wilkinson.


Video Editor of "The 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions," (Salt Lake City, UT) for film-maker Antara Brandner in collaboration with The Academy for Future Science. March, 2016.

Videographer/You Tube site creator for Vietnam helicopter squadron-HMM-263: Features 16 interviews from this marine squadron. July, 2015.

Videographer, Director and Writer of " A Meeting of Mayans, 2012", providing a refreshing outlook about the future of humanity from a collective Mayan experience of Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico & Belize. Yucatan, Mexico (Sept. & Dec. 2012). Video currently in post-production.

Videographer/Editor/Producer "The Children of Smokey Mountain,Philippines," a Philippine dance troupe composed of adolescents from the Smokey Mountain garbage dump in Tondo, Manila. Premiered at Methodist University in Fayetteville, Norh Carolina before the cultural dance performance of Mga Anak Ni Inang Daigdig (Children of Mother Earth) June, 2012.

Videographer/Editor for "The Columbia International Festival:TV & Radio campaign, March, 2012-2013.

Videographer/Editor the "We are PHR" video for Palmetto Health Richland hospital's Medical Residents. June. 2011.

Video Editor of "IX International Congress – Queretaro, Mexico", Academy for Future Science, March, 2011.

Video Editor of "Bad" by U2 (music video montage) Originally edited in 1993, partially digitally re-mastered in 2011.

Videographer/Editor for "Uuniversity of South Carolina Clean Energy forum with Harris Pastides" & Oyster-reef restoration PSA. SC Nature Conservancy. 2010.

Videographer/Editor/Motion Graphic Artist, "The Way Home", the national video for America's oldest Irish-American Association, The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH). Produced in 2002, updated in 2010.

Video Editor/Technical Consultant of "The 2009 Parliament of the World's Religions,"Melbourne, Australia for film-maker Antara Brandner which premiered at The Academy for Future Science Annual conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, April, 2010.

Director/Videographer/Video Editor of "A Philippine Journey", (2002) an ongoing self-produced compilation outlining 14 years of travels and life in the Philippines. Premiered at Columbia SC's Filipino-American Gala.Digitally updated in 2009.

Video Editor of 30 sec. "Nutcracker Public Service Announcement" for the The Carolina Ballet, 2002-2012. Videographer for Wizard of Apps, magic apps for Iphone & iPod. 2009.

Videographer/Editor: Cancer-Cure PSA and short Infomercials for QHM Medical, an alternative cancer treatment center & International Association of Medical Doctors in Asheville. 2008-9.

Videographer/Video Editor of 4 feature-length UN conference reports, "Responding to the Climate Crisis: asking the right questions", "Living with Radiation in the Modern World - Commemorating Chernobyl - Remembering Hiroshima & Nagasaki" , “The Impact of a Degrading Environment on Human Health”, & “Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Chernobyl,” the last, in collaboration with Dreamchaser Productions and The Chernobyl Children's Project, Dublin & Cork, Ireland. World Information Transfer, New York. 1991 - 2007.

Videographer/Video Editor of "The Situation of Orphans and Abandoned Children in the Philippines", a documentary to showcase benefiting charities. Premiered at Columbia South Carolina's Filipino-American Fundraising Gala in 2007.

Videographer/Editor “Prysmian e-Business”, a corporate video for Prysmian Cable Systems, SC, Feb. 2007. Videographer/Editor of “The Coronation of the King”, Koger Center for the Arts, Columbia SC, Sion’s Rose Ministries, fall, 2006.

Videographer/Video Editor of "The Future of the American Hemisphere", "San Miguel de Allende Mexico - Cultural Montage",San Miguel de Allende Mexico - Cultural Heritage "Viva Mexico", and British pop group Keane's "This is the Last Time" Keane's 'This is the last time' Mexico fan version. (unsolicited music video/Mexico version) . "Hemisphere" premiered at the US Club of Rome's Annual Conference at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA. US Club of Rome, 2004- 2006.

Video Editor of a promotional video for “The Heart of Hope Academy", a school for children with severe developmental disabilities. Atlanta, Georgia, 2005. Videographer for Cartel Creativo, Inc. one of the largest Hispanic marketing firms in the US, in San Antonio, TX. 2004.

Video Editor: Britney Spears Onyx Tour pre-show in collaboration with Blink TV, London, with Director, Marcus Viner. 2004.

Director/Videographer/Video Editor of "Preserving Culture: the T'boli of Mindanao", about the T'boli tribe in southern Philippines, with a focus on cultural and environmental preservation as experienced by T'boli women and artisans. Awarded Individual Artist Grant from the South Carolina Arts Commission, screened at SCINDY Festival, Piccolo Spoleto Charleston, SC, 2002, and at the 2002's Free Times Colossal Film Festival.

Video Editor of a 3 hour Irish-American compilation "2003 AOH Convention Video Compilation" for 2003 South Carolina statewide AOH Convention.

OTHER VIDEO PRODUCTIONS: "Diligent Search Project", The SC Department of Social Services, "The Jewel of the Congaree - Art & Industry in South Carolina", Calhoun Country Museum, (Frost Wilkinson Director),"The Magic is in You!", a TV show using magic to reach at-risk youth, Tudor Communications, "Promoting Responsible Fatherhood" conference for The Sisters of Charity Foundation, School Ministries' "Released Time Bible Education in America"(videotaped in 5 US States); Biotherm, NY, a division of L'Oreal; Carolina Ballet: "Nutcracker",(1999-2007) "Snow Maiden", "Coppelia", " Cinderella", Habitat for Humanity, "Own a Home PSA", The March of Dimes - "Star Chef's Campaign", The Burned Churches Restoration Coalition (PSA), The Sierra Club, "Earth Day 2000 PSA", "Johnny I hardly Knew Ye.", The South Carolina Council for Conflict Resolution: "Filipino-American Annual Gala (PSA 2001-2), "10 Years of Filipino-American Cultural Dances for the Midlands & communities of South Carolina", 10th. Anniversary of Filipino-American cultural dance troupe historical video montage. Palmetto Power Scooters, 2003 (TV spot).

Provided video coverage for the Annual United Nations Department of Information (UNDPI) Conference at UN Headquarters, including a presentation given by J. Ramos Horta, the second President of East Timor,1997. New York.


Alan has coordinated and created website projects for a wide range of corporate, non-profit and private companies including The Executive Forum, New York (a dinner-speaker's club of NYU Stern Business-school alumni), Columbia's Irish-American Association (current web-administrator), Morgan Samuel Price (American-impressionist plein-air painter), The National Alliance for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis, NAAP, New York (current web-administrator), The American Board for Accreditation in Psychoanalysis, ABAP Inc., The Edie Institute (educational books) & children's author & Illustrator Robert Quackenbush.






Co-Director, Writer and Video Editor of "Global Warming, a Warning or an Opportunity for Change" from an Asian perspective for the UN Environment Program Program . 2nd. Prize WINNER: "Earth Vision Film Festival" International Environmental Video Festival, Santa Cruz, CA. 1999.

Producer / Co-Writer, Co-Video Editor of "PCHRD, Philippines" , (Philippine-Canadian Human Resource Development Program) outlining a 7 year CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) initiative between Canadian and Philippine NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) with a focus on indigenous people and issues of gender. Nova Productions, Manila, 1996.

Segment Producer/Writer/ Video Editor of a weekly national Philippine TV series, "The Export Connection", with a broadcast reach of 70 million viewers, exploring trade opportunities and promoting indigenous crafts for international production and distribution. Sponsored by US-AID in collaboration with PhilExport, Manila.

Videographer/Video Editor for "Animating Asia", to promote, based on a popular Philippine Folk-tale,"Ibong Adarna" or "The Mystical Bird" - the first digital Philippine feature length animation film to promote environmental and cultural awareness in the Philippines and animated by Filipinos. Animasia, inc.

Workshop Coordinator on "Effective Video Production Developing Countries" at Philippine Women's University, and Videographer of "The Next Step", a recruitment video for Philippine Women's University.

Producer/Videographer / Video Editor of "Vigan, a Cry for Help", to support the restoration of rare ancestral houses in historic Vigan, Philippines, as part of an extensive information campaign. In 1999 Vigan received World Heritage Status from UNESCO, the United Nations Education and Scientific Organization. Kai-Vigan Foundation, Manila, 1995.

Scriptwriter of a video for an international NGO working throughout Asia to eradicate poverty by offering small business incentives and loan assistance to the poor. Trickle-Up Program, New York, 1994.

Videographer / Video Editor of "Extraordinary Lives, Ordinary People", a video outlining education, health, loan assistance and community-run projects for the disadvantaged in a poor suburb of Manila for the Muntinlupa Development Foundation, Metro Manila, 1995.

Provided video production services for the Asian development Bank's Internal Training unit. Asian Development Bank, Metro Manila, 1995-6.

Traveled to the remote Island of Batanes in northern Philippines and provided video documentation of different agriculturally based island communities.

Communications Coordinator, World Association for Orphans, WAO, New York, 1989-1990, Brussels 1991-1992. Managed media department and video producer for International children's organization. Formerly active in 122 Countries.

Videotaped and Edited international conferences for WAO in Lomé, Togo, West Africa, at the University for Peace in San José, Costa Rica, Manila, Philippines, London, England and at the United Nations in New York. Provided Video Documentation of cottage industry training program for street children on basket-making and native weaving in Samar, Philippines and WAO prosthesis projects for handicapped children in Bogota, Columbia.

Director/Writer/Video Editor of 2 videos:"The Children of the Philippines", about street children; and "WAO in the Philippines", on development assistance for abandoned children. Producer of "The Light Inside You", a slide presentation for orphans to lead more productive lives, distributed in 120 countries. WAO, New York and Belgium. Director/ Writer/ Video Editor of "The Impact of Abandonment in New York City", on street children of New York, "Paula, a Personal Tragedy", about a teen runaway/addict in New York City.

Director/Writer/Video Editor of "War Never Again",
a commemorative video about the 50th. Anniversary of World War II videotaped in Auschwitz, Treblinka & Warsaw, Poland. 1990.



documenting Harlem, NYC

World Association for Orphans

documenting the Bronx, NYC


Videographer/Video Editor for World Information Transfer, an ecological NGO promoting environmental literacy worldwide: "Global Partners for Global Solutions," Series, "The Impact of a Degrading Environment on Human Health", and " Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Chernobyl". Annual Health and the Environment series at United Nations. World Information Transfer, New York, 1991-2007.

Production Coordinator of an informational video about the Jewish Museum in NY, for first-time visitors.

Video Production Coordinator of 3 live stage performances of Max Roach's "JuJu", and Sekou Sundiata's "The Mystery of Love", the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Lincoln Center. Directed by acclaimed video artist Kit Fitzgerald.

Camera Operator for "A Tribute to Marvin Gaye", a multimedia tribute performance featuring live music, video feeds on video walls, poetry and theater. Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). Video Editor of 2 award winning MTV bumpers for Director Gustavo Garzon.

Assistant Video Editor for educational video on "The Effects of Pesticides on Farm-Workers in the US". The Pesticide Education Center. Archival Researcher for "Danger, Kids at Work," a profile on child labor for Lifetime Television.

Videographer / Video Editor of 12 instructional video programs for Florida based plein-air painter Morgan Samuel Price on landscape oil painting, the first, "The Artist who Paints the Light" in 1990, the latest, a watercolor demonstration video "Fantasy of Light", in 2006.


historic preservation in Vigan, Philippines

on location in Sierra Leone, West Africa

San Miguel de Allende

Sierra Leone

Mexico City


2005, Mexico City

Writer of "Pinoy Pride Lives on" an article published in Filipinas Magazine on the Filipino-American Association of Greater Columbia South Carolina, featured in its February 2005 issue.

Nominated in 1997's "Rosewater Humanitarian Photographer of the Year Awards". Exhibit toured Canada & US. Oregon, 1997.

Director/Writer/Editor of "The Rural People Of Kapeté" , & "The Bundo Devil ", two self-produced video programs about rural and urban life in Sierra Leone, West Africa, with a focus on culture, women, traditional medicine and rural-urban migration. Finalist: Suffolk County Motion Picture and TV Commission video & Film competition. Broadcast on Africvision, NY, 1991.

Contributed Photographs to "Gray's UN Cover" about a diplomat's inside view of the UN, through and published photos on West Africa for "Trésors Litéraires", a French textbook published by McGraw Hill. 1997.

Judged Entries for the United Nations Environment Programme's Youth Forum Conference & edited a video montage screened at the General Assembly, UN, 1991.

Assistant Producer of "Kids on Cable ". Coordinated 3 camera studio & location video reports, and field reporter on 2 seasons for American Cable Systems children's program, Ossining. New York. Fall, 1986.

Assistant Cameraman of "The Southwest Light", to promote the conservation & renovation of Block Island's oldest lighthouse. Block Island Historical Society, Rhode Island, Summer 1986.

President of SUNY Purchase Video Center. Coordinated video workshops for students, wrote, proposed and managed annual budget. Completed Internships at :American Cable Systems; Metromedia TV; & Adams Russell Cable TV, New York, 1986-1988. 


black elk speaks by by John G. Neihardt


State University of New York at Purchase. Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, 1988. Dean's list, March, 1986.
United Nations International School,New York, 1981-1982
Ampleforth College, York, England, 1978-1981
Midlands Technical College, SC. Intermediate Spanish, 2000.

favorite book (left):Black Elk Speaks by John G. Neihardt.


Filipino-American Assoc. of Columbia, SC, President (2005-2009), Vice-President (2003-2005) Public Relations consultant (2000-present).

Coalition for New South Carolinians, immigrant coalition. Co-founder & Board Member. , President (2005-2009), Vice-President: (2003-2005) Public Relations consultant (2000-present).

The Global Share Resource Foundation, Web-site consultant, providing charitable assistance to Philippines, Afghanistan & Ecuador.

The Irish-Amerian Association of Columbia SC, Vice-President (2005-6), Public Relations Consultant, Web-administrator(2004-2018)

The Rotary Club of Five Points, (2010-11) Member

Palmetto Health Richland Hospital, Volunteer in the ER,

Practitioner of the Japanese-originated art of spiritual purification, Sukyo Mahikari, since 1991.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Parliament of the World's Religions conference Australia 2009, Dalai Lama Excerpt

PERSONAL DATA: US Citizen of French, Irish and British descent. Born in Manila, Philippines.

holistic health & natural healing, multi-culturalism, videography, photography & web site design, sailing,world music & travel.

LANGUAGES: French some Tagalog, a little Spanish.

Togo, West Africa, 1991

SC, Oct. 2000, by Hunter Clarkson


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