2004 Columbia SC Filipino-American Gala


Filipino-American Association of Greater Columbia, SC - Annual GALA

The Filipino-American Association of Greater Columbia (FAAGC), celebrated its 14th Annual Gala Saturday, October 16th, 2004 at the Columbiana Hotel &Conference Center in Columbia from 6:00 p.m. to midnight. The proceeds of the event are supporting the various community-oriented programs of the association.

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FAAGC Gala 2004: here we go!

guests mingling

welcoming friends like Rudy Dizon.

The Philippine National Anthem Goyeneche style

A salute to both flags

Finnbarr Dumphy performs the Star Spangled Banner

the National Anthems

Grace Collins, FAAGC President

Charles Guyeneche and Marj Pena

Some cultural dance

Cecille and Julietta

The ticketmasters, including Nieves McNulty

a Fil-Am dance troupe

more dancing...

maganda dancers from Columbia

Aileen Alon looking good

Grace Collins, FAAGC President

Eva Ringey (receiving plaque), Grace Collins, Marj Pena

Eva Rigney, 2004 Gala keynote speaker

Pete Liunoras and Eva Rigney

Noel Alon, discussing the meaning of life

FAAGC 2004 Youth Scholarship recipients

Various guests

Cassidy Allred

Our guests perform

a cultural performance

guests and Eva Ringey

Aiborne, PAL or US Air?

Tinikling 2004: "it's Hot!"

What a fantastic show!

Hi mom

Can you find my contact lens

Funk Factory start to provide the "Funk"

Funk Factory singer - She's workin' it!

Funk Factory guitarist (Fil-amer)

Funk Factory guitarist (Kano)


 2004 Fil-Am Officers

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