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This site has been Ad-Free since 1998! Some background information about the name Tara in Taravision:

Tara is a tantric meditation deity in Tibetan Buddhism, In Hinduism Tara (Devi) is a Tantric Goddess (Mahavidya). Tara is also the mother goddess in the Druidic religion and a sea goddess in Polynesian mythology. Tara Hill, County Wexford. is an archaeological complex in County Meath, Ireland, containing a number of ancient monuments and was the seat of the High King of Ireland: around 1900 the Hill of Tara in Ireland was vandalized by British Israelists who thought that the Irish were part of the Lost Tribes of Israel and that the hill contained the Ark of the Covenant. Tara is also a town and peninsula located in Fujitsu District, Saga Prefecture, Japan. Finally, there is a Tara Island in the Sulu Archipelago of Philippines. Edited from Wikipedia source by Alan C Geoghegan.


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