2009 Columbia SC Filipino-American Gala post-reception for Ambassador Gaa


The Filipino-American Association of Greater Columbia, South Carolina (FAAGC) celebrated its 19th Annual Gala on Saturday, August 29, 2009. Ambassador Willie C. Gaa, the Philippine Ambassador to the U.S.A. inducted the Fil-Am officers and to gave some remarks during the program. The day after the gala, a reception was held for the Abassador Gaa in Columbia, attended by FAAGC friends and members of the fil-am community.


Photos and Photoshop enhancements by Alan Geoghegan
Exterior Cultural Dance Troupe photos by FAAGC Dance Troupe members


Preparing the beans

FAAGC mingling

Kumain ka na ba?

Eating BBQ with Bill Real

Filamers mingling with Ambassador Gaa

Ambassador Gaa with Cecille (again!)

Mrs Arcebal, Linda Gaa, WiIly Gaa

Tessie Kenerson, Mrs Arcebal, Linda Gaa, WIlly Gaa

Tessie Kenerson, Mrs Arcebal

Tessie Kenerson, Mrs Arcebal dancing

Tessie Kenerson, Mrs Arcebal dancing 2




Alan Geoghegan gives Ambassador Gaa his " Philippine Journey" DVD

Linda Gaa and Alan G

An Abu Sayyaf (L) hiding out at the Brinkman's

I'm bigger than Nieves

Filamers in SC

Atty Benny, Cecille, Edith Alston

Enjoying the "Masarap" BBQ at Odessa Brinkman's house

Enjoying some "Masarap" food 2

SC Filamers

SC Filamers 2

FAAGC modern dance troupe
FAAGC cultural dance troupe
FAAGC modern dance troupe 2
FAAGC cultural dance troupe 3


FAAGC modern dance troupe 3
Grace Balanquit
Cecille Geoghegan
FAAGC modern dance troupe 4

Faye Colley
Bambie Tijing
Kim Jones
Nicole Anderson

Tessie Kenerson sewing dance costumes
Kim Jones, Bambie Tijing & Karen Magsino
Getting ready
FAAGC cultural dance troupe 5


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BULAKLAKAN by FAAGC from Alan Geoghegan on Vimeo.

at 2009 Fil-Am Gala
Fil-Am VIDEOS(MPG) by Alan Geoghegan:

(short Mpgs) Faagc Dance Practice, Ambassador Reception
Click 1-4 Parols: gaagaagaagaa

BONUS PHOTOS: Bulaklakan 1..... Bulaklakan 2 .....Filipino Flag Wallpaper (1017 x 780 pixels)

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Congratulations to the newly-elected

FAAGC Executive Board for 2009-2011:

(front row, l-r): Dan Adcock (Board Member), Jojo Flora (Board Member)
(back row, l-r): Grace Balanquit (Board Member), Grace Collins (Board Member), Nieves McNulty (Treasurer), Cecilia Jacobsen (1st VP), Shirley McGuinness (Secretary), Marj Pena (President), Lisa Edwards (2nd VP), Cecille Geoghegan (Board Member), Bambie Tijing (Asst. Secretary), Wyda Viray (Asst. Treasurer)

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